At Selby Corporation we are happy to provide full service shipping services to all of our clientele.

For many, the upheaval of moving to a new country can be stressful in the extreme. Bringing furniture and personal belongings is shunned by some in their effort to make a complete break a fresh start. For others, having their personal items come with them as they begin their new journey can help make Florida feel like home that much sooner.

If you are planning on bringing your belongings with you, you need to feel assured that everything will arrive at the right place at the right time and in one piece !

With Selby Corporation , the level of commitment and expertise required to move an international blue chip company will be successfully employed when taking care of your home removal to ensure a stress free experience.

We will ensure that the levels of professionalism associated
with business class relocation are applied on a very personal level when dealing with moving your home contents. Care, precision and discretion are key aspects of any home removal and are combined to create complete peace of mind.

Packing, storage and supply of all cartons and crates are all part of the dedicated home removal service ensuring a business class solution for your home relocation. All necessary customs declarations and landing paperwork will be lawfully completed in a timely & efficient manner.

We have dedicated staff and approved sub-contractors and agents worldwide to ensure we can facilitate any relocation request and allow you to have a stress free move.

Please provide us with as much information as possible on the on-line questionnaire.

We look forward to helping you.